August 29th


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August 13th
with 2 notes

Intake: August 13th

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with gf granola and fruit and a Larabar

Lunch: GF veggie burrito with chips and salsa 

Dinner: Rice noodles with tempeh, veggies and feta cheese

Snacks: GF pretzels and hummus, Carrots, and Havarti cheese

Dessert: Cranberry creemie with rainbow jimmies and an Apple

July 22nd

Intake: July 22nd

Breakfast: Lara bar and a banana with peanut butter along with a bag of almonds

Lunch: GF veggie wrap with extra hummus and cheddar cheese

Snacks: Apple, Carrots, Roasted chickpeas and 3 Baby bell cheeses

Dinner: Vegetable soup with tempeh and GF toast with brie

Dessert: TBD

June 25th
with 2 notes

Intake: June 25th

Breakfast: Peanut butter panda puffs with almond milk and a banana with cashew butter

Lunch: GF wrap with avocado, veggies, and tofu, Carrots and hummus, and GF pretzels

Snacks: Frozen grapes, Popcorn, GF crackers with peanut butter, and a Kind bar 

Dinner: Large salad with veggies, salsa, kidney beans, feta cheese and a GF pita with gouda cheese

Dessert: An apple and ice creamz

June 2nd
with 1 note

Intake: June 2nd

Breakfast: GF overnight oats with blueberries and blackberries topped with peanut butter

Lunch: Greek salad and Rice crackers

Snacks: Grapes, Rice cakes and hummus, GF raspberry white chocolate cookie and Carrots

Dinner: Rice noodles with broccoli, kale, pine nuts, tempeh and lemon with Wine

Dessert: Ice cream and an Apple

May 28th
with 1 note

Intake: May 28th

Breakfast: GF toast with peanut butter and jam and an Apple

Lunch: Greek salad, Socca bread and Ginger, apple, kale juice

Snacks: Local GF protein bar, Rice cakes and hummus, Almonds and raisins and Grapes

Dinner: Tempeh, kale, broccoli and asparagus stir fry with Parmesan cheese

Dessert: TBD

April 26th
with 2 notes

Intake: April 26th

Breakfast: GF oatmeal with dried fruit and almonds and Soy milk

Lunch: GF black bean and cheddar quesadilla with salsa and sour cream

Snacks: 2 Apples, Rice cakes and peanut butter, Strawberry smoothie and Dried apple rings

Dinner: Quinoa with black beans, tofu, veggies and feta cheese with a slice of GF bread and hummus

Dessert: A lot of alcohol with my roommate heh

April 12th
with 1 note

Intake: April 12th

Breakfast: GF toast with peanut butter and raisins

Lunch: Roasted veggies, qunioa and tofu and a Coconut water

Snacks: Two Degrees bar, Hot chocolate, Veggie booty, and Ants on a log

Dinner: Bangkok curry Thai Kitchen soup with veggies and GF bread with hummus

Dessert: Ice creamz

April 7th
with 3 notes

Intake: April 7th

Breakfast: GF blueberry muffin with peanut butter and an Apple

Lunch: GF apple and brie crepe and a side salad

Snacks: GF pretzels and hummus, pecans and raisins, Kale and apple juice and a Blueberry Siggis

Dinner: Maple roasted acorn squash, Tofu, and Quinoa

Dessert: Dark chocolate coconut Oskri bar and Grapes

April 1st
with 2 notes

Intake: April 1st

Breakfast: Greek yogurt parfait with GF granola and berries

Lunch: Greek salad and GF matzo

Snacks: Chai latte, Chocolate peanut Two Degrees bar, Grapes, and Almonds

Dinner: Smashed chickpea salad sandwich and Carrots with hummus

Dessert: Yogurt covered almonds, An apple, and Hot chocolate

March 27th
with 9 notes

Intake Bitches

Breakfast: Some mother fuckin’ GF raisin toast with almond butter and a Pear

Lunch: Bitchin GF wrap with red beans, tofu, lettuce and pico de gallo and a tall delicious strawberry banana smoothie

Snacks: Raisins and walnuts, Pirate’s bootietoodie, Maple cookie and some crunchay carrots

Dinner: A GF apple and cheddar cheese crepe with some crazy ass salad

Dessert: Chocolate because it’s good for your heart

March 20th
with 3 notes

Intake: March 20th

Breakfast: GF toast with almond butter and raisins

Lunch: GF grilled cheese, An apple, and Chocolate soy milk

Snacks: Rice cakes with jam, Almonds and raisins, Spicy nacho kale chips, and a Banana

Dinner: Salad with many veggies, chickpeas, goat cheese and avocado and a GF pita with melted cheddar cheese and hummus

Dessert: GF peanut butter cookies and a hot chocolate

March 12th

Intake: March 12th

Breakfast: Peanut butter panda puffs with a banana and almond milk

Lunch: GF grilled cheese and Celery with hummus

Snacks: Cheetos bitch, Coconut yogurt, Grapes, and an Apple

Dinner: Quiona salad, Peanut tofu and Broccoli

Dessert: GF peanut butter cookie and Blackberries

March 11th
with 3 notes

Intake: March 11th

Breakfast: Apple with peanut butter and Plain greek yogurt with GF granola

Lunch: GF quinoa wrap with hummus and Carrots

Snacks: GF oatmeal raisin cookie, Chai latte, Grapes, GF peanut butter crackers

Dinner: Steamed kale, Soy chorizo, Lemon broccoli with parmesan cheese and a GF pita

Dessert: Coconut dark chocolate Oskri bar and a Banana 

March 1st
with 2 notes

Intake: March 1st

Breakfast: Yogurt and granola parfait and an Apple

Lunch: GF peanut butter and jelly and Celery with peanut butter and raisins

Snacks: Pirates booty, Banana coconut Pure bar, Pecans and craisins and Baby carrots

Dinner: GF vegetarian burrito and a Big glass of red wine